Monday, February 4, 2008

Wow! The girls are turning 7. The girls are have been counting down.
People always ask me if I always wanted twins. The truth is I never thought about it and never imagined having twins. I tell the girls all the time that I am glad they are both here. So we are driving and Whitney turns to me and says. "Mom, you didn't want twins, then you had twins. Now you happy you had twins, aren't twins fun!"
YES, twins are fun. They love one another so much. The best thing is that they are best play buddies. The nice thing, I never had to have play groups to keep them entertained.
We are busy with school and Vuna is working on finishing his Masters in Immunology. This week we went to the Gem & Mineral show with the kids, we saw huge dinosaur bones, huge sea turtle skeleton from 80 million years ago. It was amazing and the best thing is that the kids love to collect crystals and rocks. I love that they like such beautiful things of the earth. They make me appreciate our earth more. Another thing is the girl's love for dogs. If they see a movie about dogs, their big eyes well up with tears and they cry. So watch out for those dog movies, and don't rent 8 Below, they bawled through that one. It is great to have such sensitive souls that love dogs.
At school we just put on Caribbean Night at school. I cooked for 340 people chicken,shredded beef, rice & beans & salad. We got a huge rice cooker for Christmas from Vuna's Mom & Dad. It was AWESOME, it cooked the best rice ever and it had 30 cup capacity. Thanks for the rice cooker! Hey family: Birthday party for Ashley & Whitney @ Cassy's on Sat. Feb. 9th 5p.m. if you can come!


Ana said...

I love it....the girls are so sweet..oh you have so many things to blog about YOU just need a photographer to follow you around ... so you can show pictures for all the events you've done for the school...your like the SuperMOM PTO president... and you don't give yourself enough credit for all you do ... well we definitely will be at the Party... my boys wouldn't have it any other way...they love your kids...well luv ya ...ana

Tuihalalalala said...

Do the twins wanna fun dream up their own original cake by Mary Tui? Just lemme know soon!!!

Tuihalalalala said...
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Rebekah May Parker said...

Hi Jenny! The girls are getting so big. Wow does time fly. You and Vuna have such a great family!