Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ashley & Whitney's Baptism

Well this past weekend was the girls baptism it turned out really nice everyone made it to Tucson except Mary and her fam... this is Ana i'm am bored and felt like updating Vuna and Jenny's blog...because the Were Moving Post was really old....;0) So i was bored and had the photo's of the girls Baptism and weekend in Tucson they have a really beautiful home with a great view of the moutains in their backyard which we were so lucky to hike right in the back of the house it only takes a minute or less to get too! i posted alot of those photo's on my blog...anyways i'm sure Jen will come and blog more about it but for now i just wanna say thanks you two for letting us come and bombard your house ...hope you guys are doing okay..It really was a LOT of fun being with everyone...THANKS SO MUCH -
P.S. ROy was bummed he missed out!!! maybe next time...!!  ;0)


Junior4 said...

Thank you so much Ana. You are awesome. I get all anxious to change things cause I want them perfect and then I don't do them, am I lazy? I will update more often, couldn't get luckier than having a sister-in-law be so great! Thanks for coming down, it was a blast with every. Love ya, Jen Fa

Tina ♥ said...

Hey, they are sooo cute, and so grown up!
Congratulations on the baptisms! Can't believe how identical they are. Love their curls. Hope you are doing well, Jen! haven't seen you in forever!!
Love Tina