Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Has it been that long since I have blogged. Actually, longer, because Ana blogged the twin's baptism. We went on our family hike, FUN! We noticed lately that our dog was getting really depressed. Can dogs get depressed? Anyways, Sidney does when he does not go on the trail, sPoILed! We have had a load of fun lately. We are busy with summer and Vuna's new job, YAY! We are happy to be on our way out of school and living life.
The other day we were driving Vuna to work and the kids were in the car. Vuna and I were talking about some mundane subject, when all of a sudden Whitney breaks in, "Dad, why do you talk smart, you are not even at work(he is a scientist) . You use big words that I don't know." So be careful what you talk about, they are listening. Forget big brother and realize little ears are listening to every conversation and they are capable of repeating. My kids are almost all grown up, I love this time with them!
This photo is on our trail behind the house. Lately we have seen a lot of wild life. The other day when Vuna took the kids to the busstop there was a bobcat sitting there (wish he had the camera) after he had just eaten a bird. Then I thought to myself, could he eat the kids? Hope not, they do look tastey and cute! That is it for now. Love you all!


Tina ♥ said...

Hey Jen! Good to see an update, sounds like you are doing great! I know, the kids grow up way way too fast. I can't believe how old Wesley is! Have a good summer!

Ana said...

WOW i went to your blog SURPRISE SURPRISE JEnny to Read what you have to say .. i could hear Whitney's Voice .... Dad why do you talk Smart ... sO cute... i would have to agree...LOL..just joke U guys...we missed Wesley last night .. but i think we all came home and Crashed especially Evan...all that Swimming at your house put him to sleep at an abornormal time but he sleep ALL through the night from 6:30 to 8 am ...that's some good HOURS right there..anyways thanks Jen...and you know whenever you want to drop your kids off just let me could of last night...!!!